Acheron river, Glyki, Souli, mountains… These are all perfect for exploring the nature. The nature here is unique and if you are lucky, you might spot new types of birds or herbs or even have a glimpse of wild mountain horses!

The spring area is easy to access and is suitable for families even with little children. The trails up to the mountains are a little bit trickier but reachable. If you are interested in having a guide with you to show tou the route and tell you interesting stories about the Souliotes and their heritage – please contact us and we can plan a perfect hike together!

The most common trails

Spring Area

Level: Easy

The spring area starts just after 5 minutes of walking from the parking lot. You will reach the last big spring after 15 minutes of walking.

After this you have to continue by feet to reach the canyon. You can drink the clean water from the springs and take a dip in the water anywhere.

This 15 minute trail is easy with kids and the path is partly covered with flat rocks so moving with strollers or wheelchair is pretty easy.

The Canyon

 30 minutes – 2 hours

For many travellers this is what you come to see! It takes about 20 minutes to reach the canyon from the parking lot. Once the pathway ends, you have to continue walking in the river upstream and after 200 meters you will see the canyon before you.

You can continue wading upstream untill you reach the old stone bridge of Dala (45 minutes to 1 hour). After this you can decide whether you want to turn back or continue further. From here you can continue for the Souli trail or Skala Tzavelenas trail.

The flow is not too strong so the pass through the canyon is easy. There are few places where the river will get so deep that you will have to swim for some meters to go on. This is why you should leave all extra stuff behind in your car or put them in a waterproof bag.

Flip flops are NOT very well suited for this part. Remember to wear athletic shoes or river shoes.


Skala Tzavelenas

 1,5 – 2 hours

Trail on Map

Souli Watermill

2,5 – 3 hours

Trail on Map

Souli Villages

4-5 hours

Trail on Map